“Travelling is like dreaming: the difference is that, on waking, not everyone remembers the journey, whereas everyone vividly preserves the memory of where they have stayed.”
 Edgar Allan Poe

A sentimental traveller with her emotions, with her self.
Minervini’s works are the translation to canvas of memories and emotions arising from her travels around the globe. Her works set the tempo of this collection and present the stories she has witnessed.
She does not play the role of a reporter but, as a modern “Scheherazade”, she is the narrator of small gestures – nuances - formed during her experiences as a cosmopolitan wayfarer.
The artist captures with tenderness and affection everyday images and transforms them, through her own sensibility, into unique moments of great empathy with the observer. They are memories rendered with analytical and realistic care of her captatio benevolentiae.
Her work changes the rapport with external reality: what was the object of exhaustive description now becomes emotive of other descriptions, of reflections inspired by the creative seduction of a face or a gesture; identifies behaviors, luminously; the sense of peace of the scenes shows a calming and positive vision.

Minervini is fascinated by cultures and traditions that do not purely belong to a Western woman context and she manages to annul the apparent differences between peoples by finding a key which is common to all mankind. The beauty of the artist’s work is exactly the amplification of a detail of diversity, making it full of sensations shared by everyone.
Her brush strokes are soft chromatic hugs rended with care and thoughtfulness that make her sweet subjects into declarations of affection, that silently but tenderly touch the observer.
Katia Minervini is driven by the healthy desire to explore, to get in touch, through her feelings, with the different realities that coexist on our planet; moved by a romantic wanderlust she donates, through her hyper-realistic works, her memories as if they were travel postcards that reach the observer in the form of a visual embrace. The artist lends us her eyes and shows us all the worlds that we are.

Marino Capretti